Women in my Life

On this Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, I was thinking again of the things for which I am grateful.

My mind kept returning to the women in my life — my amazing mother, my brilliant sister, my darling daughter.

My Mommy: Iris Black. She’s endured the Pandemic in Arizona, all by herself at the tender age of 85, seeing no one but the lady who helps her with her garden and a once-monthly masseuse who Mom insists comes to her at the beginning of the day in order to have services rendered before she treats anyone else.

My mother has a wicked sense of humor, and is multitalented in all things musical. I see her twice a week via FaceTime.

My Sister: Lynn Joffe. I have no words to describe how much I idolize this crazy, funny, fabulous female. She lives in South Africa, runs her own successful business, and has just completed her first novel. This incredible woman has instilled in me the courage to ask, believe and receive. I have become a stronger human being simply by taking the sage advice she has given me.

We laugh and cry together over many things and I adore her. By the grace of modern technology, we speak through Facebook at least three times weekly.

My Daughter: Devon Horton. The joy of my existence. The apple of my eye. The smartest, sweetest, most beautiful being in my world. God was smiling down on me the day my baby was born. I’m her number one fan. She lives in Maryland and is a medical lab scientist.

What I miss most, oddly enough, is inhaling the scent of her magnificent mane of beautiful hair. We have a standing appointment to speak to each other every afternoon as she finishes work, which is a most welcome bright spot in what are sometimes dreary days.

And as I watched the storm clouds gather outside my third-floor flat,
I gave thanks to the God of my understanding for putting these remarkable ladies in my life. I’m forever richer for these blessings.

Love and light from Cyprus

By LayneCain

Layne Cain uses the Hashtag #laundrywithlayne

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