Where to Sleep in Athens (Greece)? | The Best 5 Hotel Areas

Choose the best area in Athens for your hotel

In first place in Athensthis hotel that has received the highest ratings from travelers (according to TripAdvisor).

Athens skyline panorama featuring The Acropolis

Looking for a hotel in Athens? The most important thing is that you choose the area in the city that best suits you. Athens has plenty of accommodation options, in every style and for every budget, from simple hostels to five-star palaces. Before you choose a hotel according to your budget, get to know the accommodation areas of Athens and check which one is right for you.

Athens is quite a noisy city due to the congestion of vehicle traffic, construction work and bustling nightlife. Those who have a light sleep pattern may have difficulty falling asleep. In this review I try to recommend more peaceful areas, but finding a quiet place is not always possible. Bring earplugs, just in case.

Most tourists however, hardly see the less flattering sides of Athens. Almost everything that is important to tourists is in a fairly small area, a few blocks from the Acropolis, in the neighborhoods of Plaka, Monastiraki, Syntagma and Psirri.

So where to sleep in Athens? In which area should you choose a hotel? I’ve already done half the work for you! Here is a review that will help you understand which accommodation area will suit you in Athens. I have compiled everything you need to consider to help you find the right district for you, as well as a lists of recommended hotels. So let’s find your neighborhood in Athens!

To book a good hotel in Athens, you should do so well in advance. To be sure that the ideal choice is available for you, make reservations at least a few months before the trip. For the months of July and August, it would be wise to book as far as six months in advance.

Map of the recommended areas for accommodation in Athens

1. Sleep in the area of the most important site in Athens: the Acropolis

Wonderful view! The view of the Acropolis from this hotel is exceptional, as you will see in the pictures.

Panoramic scenic view of Acropolis hill with Ancient Greek ruins in Athens city center. Acropolis is the most popular landmark in Athens.

Why stay around the Acropolis? And why not?

  • The Acropolis is the crown of Athens and its diamond is the Pantheon. This wonderful site is the most important ancient site in the world, and towers over the city.
  • Filopappou Hill offers eye-level views of the Acropolis, as well as great green space.
  • Thiseio, northwest of the Acropolis, is a trendy district with cultural life, cafes, restaurants and views of the Acropolis. This is an upscale residential neighborhood with a local feel. The neighborhood is easily accessible thanks to the pedestrian it has with the Acropolis base.
  • The Makrygianni and Koukaki neighborhoods, south of the Acropolis, are urban neighborhoods with less character. They provide an residetnail feel of Athens with reliable hotels, bars and restaurants. If you want to escape the masses of Plaka, this area, which is within easy walking distance of the ancient sites, is a good base, in a less touristy atmosphere and at slightly lower prices.

Recommended hotels near Acropolis of Athens:

2. Accommodation in Syntagma and Plaka: for those who want to be in the heart of ancient and touristy Athens

Love good food? This hotel, at the foot of the Acropolis, is a paradise for those with a passion for gourmet lovers.

Night photo of Syntagma Square and The Greek parliament in Athens, Greece

Why stay in Syntagma and Plaka? And why not?

  • Syntagma is the heart of modern Athens, a business district and bars.
  • Syntagma Square is the historical meeting point, political center and transportation center of the Greek capital. To a large extent here is the heart of the Greek nation.
  • Locals usually come to Syntagma Square to do some shopping. They also gather in the square for national demonstrations and celebrations.
  • Around Syntagma Square there are luxury hotels, central banks and also the Greek Parliament. Below the square is the busiest metro station in the city. A short walk southwest of the square is Plaka.
  • Plaka, at the foot of the Acropolis, is the ancient historic neighborhood of Athens. This is the heart of ancient and touristy Athens.
  • The atmosphere in Plaka is that of the old world. Plaka has narrow labyrinthine streets that wind alongside neoclassical estates, Byzantine churches and taverns. Plaka is the bread and butter of tourism to Athens.
  • Plaka is a tourist area, visited by millions of tourists throughout the year. It has many souvenir shops, tourist taverns, small and superficial museums, Greek and Roman ruins and many tourists. While many enjoy the Plaka, others find it too commercialized and unpleasant.

Recommended hotels in Syntagma and Plaka:

3. Accommodation in Monastiraki and Psirri: Accommodation in a trendy neighborhood, with plenty of restaurants and nightlife

My favorite in Psirri is this hotel. Each room is individually designed using 3 elements: cement, wood and brick.

Psirri neighborhood, central Athens

Why stay in Monastiraki and Psirri? And why not?

  • The Monastiraki district is known for its metro station, flea market and Souvlaki stalls.
  • The center of the Monastiraki district is in the Monastiraki square. This busy square is one of the important focal points of Athens.
  • Adjacent to Monastiraki is the ancient Agora, the original civil meeting place of Athens. This is a wonderful site to visit.
  • North and west of Monastiraki is Psirri, the most vibrant district of the city, with a variety of cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs and great nightlife, which locals and tourists alike love.
  • Psirri is an area worth considering in the context of accommodation, as it is close to the center and close to many major sites. It also has plenty of food options – taverns to a bustling market. This is one of the trendiest areas in central Athens.
  • Many feel that the atmosphere in Psirri is authentic, unlike the artificial Plaka.
  • Psirri was until recently, a gloomy area of ​​workshops, and parts of it still appear neglected, crumbling and corrupt from the outside. Cosmetically, it is still not the most beautiful place.

Recommended hotels in Monastiraki and Psirri:

4. Hotel in Gazi, Kerameikos and Exarcheia: For travelers who are attracted to the rugged and alternative areas of Athens

Notice this hotel in Exarcheia, one of the most interesting neighborhoods of Athens, with great reviews.

Main square of Gazi neighborhood as seen from one of the local bars. Athens, Greece.

Why stay in Gazi, Kerameikos and Exarcheia? And why not?

  • Gazi, at the western end of tourist Athens, is an abandoned urban industrial area that has been given new life as a trendy and colorful area of artists and bars, with young restaurants, nightclubs and street celebrations.
  • The nearby fringe area of Kerameikos has undergone a process similar to that of Gazi, with new, cool bars, theaters and cafes located alongside abandoned mansions, garages and wholesalers. Kerameikos also has good museums and an ancient cemetery.
  • Exarcheia is a rugged and fascinating area of Athens that few tourists experience. It is famous for the scene of locals and anarchists settling in abandoned buildings. The Exarcheia has a fascinating combination of students, immigrants, families, leftists, creative types, intellectuals and police to suppress riots that are often present. This is a defiant, artistic neighborhood, covered in lively graffiti, with alternative boutiques, record stores and cafes.
  • Exarcheia can be threatening, even dangerous, and is a bit far from the center. There are people for whom this is the least attractive part of Athens. There are those who are afraid to visit here after dark.

Recommended hotels in Gazi, Kerameikos and Exarcheia:

5. Accommodation in Kolonaki and its surroundings: Sleep in the prestigious area of the city

Look at the pictures of the hot tub at this Kolonaki hotel. What a view!

Kolonaki area in Athens, Greece

Why stay in Kolonaki? And why not?

  • Kolonaki is a stylish residential and diplomatic district of money, chic and elite.
  • Kolonaki has excellent museums, trendy restaurants, upscale shopping and shaded streets.

Recommended hotels in and around Kolonaki:

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