What do you see from your window in 2021?

Hi Friends,

As 2020 draws to a close, I am writing to share with you my thoughts on how far our Group has come since March. I would love to hear your reflections about what you believe the future of our Community may hold, as we move towards 2021.

Would you like to see our Community alive next year? Is such a goal viable? If you care about our future, please keep reading. When you are finished, I would love to hear your feedback. 

It is not possible to make my story short, but I promise to tell you a funny tale a little further below! ?


The comments you share are always inspiring. Some of my personal favorites are when you write that our Group is the first thing that you read in the mornings, as an alternative to the unsettling articles in the newspaper. Other Members comment that the calming posts of our Group are what they like to relax with before going to sleep, instead of watching the disturbing news on TV. Others say that when they visit Facebook, they go straight to our page to avoid the negative content showing elsewhere. When I read these comments, my heart wants to sing! Lots of happy songs! ?

We all know how gloomy stories usually dominate traditional sources of mass media. There have been many studies carried out, showing the negative side-effects that exposure to such content has on our well-being. 

There are many ways to see the innovation in what we’ve established together here in our Group. One of them is seeing our creation as a progressive media channel. In less than a year, through the power of our Community and our Admin Team, we created an International and inspirational Member-generated media channel Community, which has a one-of-a-kind loving voice and positive identity, and which has increased the well-being of its followers. What an amazing achievement! 


Our wonderful Group was created on 21 March 2020, right at the beginning of Lockdown, all with a click of the mouse. The Group rapidly gained popularity and went viral, in this viral world. What a wonderful surprise! Together with the joy I felt, it also presented me with great responsibility and loads of work! 


We are currently an awesome Community of more than 570K Members, spanning 165 countries, with more friends joining every day. What a joy!


The great success of our Group is a result of two elements: your fabulous enthusiasm, together with the dedicated, 24/7 work of our Team. Our mutual efforts have made our Community the pearl it is today. 


In my previous post, I provided you with a detailed overview of the daily work and tasks our Admin Team completes behind-the-scenes. I was very touched by your encouraging feedback, thank you! For anyone who has not seen this post and would like to read about the vast and complex tasks involved in keeping our Group running, I have prepared a series of 15 articles. You may read them here:


I really enjoy reading your comments and seeing how the Group adds value to your life, as Members. It makes all the hard work worthwhile! I have used your comments to present an article on the benefits and achievements that our Community offers its Members, which is available here:


I would like to take this opportunity to thank the 423 Group Members who kindly donated to our fundraising efforts in 2020. We are all deeply grateful for your support. This has been integral in helping us to keep our Group alive up until now and loyal to its loving nature. 


Now that we have all the Admin duties documented properly, our mission going into 2021, is evaluating the Project’s status, manpower needs, financial requirements, sustainability, and chances of survival. 


One of the main conclusions of the above-mentioned documentation is the importance of always having a Moderator on-shift. This is vital to running our Group. Without this aspect of work, we would find that spam, violence, negativity, controversy and disturbing photos would dominate our feed. As such, going into 2021 we must have sufficient manpower and budget required for our 24/7 Content Moderation.


However, this equates to 8760 hours of Moderation per year. Multiply this number by a reasonable hourly wage, and the result equals the yearly budget that our Community requires for Moderation alone!


Could the solution be the recruitment of volunteers? Well, I already tried that in the early days of this Project. I found that, unfortunately, volunteer manpower is not the right fit for our Project. My story of how I came to this conclusion may be found here: 


In addition to the requirement of all these hours of Moderation per year (which I believe may be met by hiring four Moderators), our Admin Team also needs a Project Manager, Virtual Assistant, Website Developer and Fundraising Leader, as described in my above-mentioned series of posts.


Should we want the Project to stay alive next year, there needs to be a certain level of financial structure and security. After studying and presenting the details, the reality is that if we wish to sustain the Project throughout 2021, we need to generate annual funds equaling US $95,000. These funds will go towards supporting our Admin Team in continuing their work as I have detailed in my posts, and towards preserving the benefits of the Group that we hope you all enjoy.


As we set our sights on next year and evaluate our Community’s chances of survival, we find ourselves in the following dilemma. On one hand, there is a very large gap between our crowdfunding achievements this year and our financial needs for 2021. In the 2020 Fundraiser, we were successful in raising only 10% of our projected budget. In other words, we have a long way to go if the Group is to stay alive next year. On the other hand, the optimistic viewpoint is that we are such a huge, loving family, that with a better fundraising campaign, there may be more potential to reach our goals. 


In the video below: The alarm devices of our “hero-moderator”, Layne Cain. She’s got two! For months she’s been setting them to ring several times a night, so that our Group doesn’t stay abandoned. When one or both of the alarm clocks chime, Layne wakes up! She moderates! Then she goes back to bed. And then she does it again! 

Layne’s Alarm clocks. She’s been amazing in waking up at nights and taking care of the Group with her loving work of Moderation.

I, too, have been doing my share. I’ve been moderating from my bed, in the dark, sometimes with only one eye open! Even in these moments of semi-consciousness I was able to beat some of the most horrible spammers before they are able to do damage to the feed! Many sleepless nights! 

My window and alarm clock.


2020 has been a unique year, as I am sure we can all agree. We have stretched ourselves extensively to set this Project up and maintain it. This “baby” is standing on its feet now. As we move towards next year, the time has come to think of another, more reasonable plan. Friends, would you like to help the baby learn to walk?


I have long had the habit of being an optimist, but it is also important for me to keep things realistic. Managing a crowdfunding campaign for 2021 would require a huge amount of energy and effort. Is it worth it? Does it have the possibility to accomplish our monetary goal? Will we be able to get the support of our Community? Dear friends, before we make a decision, I would love to hear your opinion. 


To answer some questions that I have received, I need to tell you that I am not looking to make this Project my full-time job. I actually have a business of my own and after months of neglect, I need to get back to it.  But I have no reason to complain! On the contrary, I feel very grateful and blessed for the opportunity I have had to make a difference, touch hearts and encourage people through this difficult year. In 2020 I allowed myself to be carefree about my other duties, because I saw the Group as a wonderful chance to bring happiness to so many people in such a challenging time. What a blessing! I am thankful for that. The opportunity to help, build positivity and bring joy to so many people, doesn’t come to one’s doorstep every day! Since March 2020, I have dedicated myself full-time and invested funds from my own pocket for the creation and setup of our inspiring Project. I have rendered service to this Group with joy, through a full-hearted mission. I truly hope that, as Members, you have felt that. 

However, now that the Community is all in place, it is for you, my friends, to decide if you want to keep it going. It is up to you. 


Given all of the above, I would really love to hear from you. Would you like to see our Group continue throughout next year? Do you believe that there is a chance that we will be able to create the vital funds required for our Community to survive and continue to flourish in 2021?


I love reading your that refer to our Group as a “refuge” and an “escape”. That’s lovely to read! That being said, I would like to offer you another perspective. Our Community is what has been connecting us directly to life. Here we meet reality, which is love. 


Has this Group been an inspiring achievement, limited only to the days of Lockdown and Pandemic? Or, could we make the achievement last longer? Time will tell. Together, it is in our hands!  

Every time that I feel a bit down or sad about the attempts that I am making to keep this Community alive, I go back and read your overwhelming, loving comments. They fill my heart with joy and motivation again. Numerous people have expressed their wish for the Group to remain active for a long time. I really am doing my very best here, with what I can, while I can, until I know better, and I know that you too, are doing the same.

More windows, less darkness.

What do you see from your window?

With love, stay safe ❤️ ?


By Arik Zara

I am Creator, Project Manager and Moderator of "What do you see from your window?". If you would like to learn more about me, here is a post of my life story in my own words, containing some interesting chapters of my life.

23 replies on “What do you see from your window in 2021?”

Daily posts of this group – both pictures and comments – really helped me keep my spirits high during this difficult period. I love this group.
Thanks, Arik & team for your hard work and dedication. And especially for the effort and ability to keep the Group activity clean, positive and civil.
Of course I would love to see the Group active for a long time.
$95K /year for 570 K members is really peanuts: an annual fee of less than 17 cents/person. I am sure IT specialists know ways to collect this from members spread in 165 countries. I would love to contribute financially.

I would like to, once again, commend Arik and the Admin staff who have given their hearts & souls to the unique, positive and beautiful FB group that has had an impressive impact on the lives of so many people around the world. I am grateful to have been a member at this time in history of the pandemic. The message of love, support and acceptance are a welcome antidote to the negativism seen so often and I truly rejoice in the sense of hope that it fosters. I find that with time I have spent a lot less time reading posts on the group and so realistically, for me, I’m not sure if its continuation into the future would make a major impact on me or not. These are the thoughts I share with much gratitude for the opportunity to look through so many interesting, meaningful windows for the past 8 months.


As a retired IT professional, I can fully appreciate the effort you and your team put into this project. I have posted only a couple times because my views are so limited but I have tremendously enjoyed the posts from around the world.

Doing a little math, your annual budget could be supported by each and every member for just a few cents a year. But I can see that collecting from 570 k people is a gargantuan task. However, less than 10,000 would need to contribute $10 a year to support the group. This is less than most magazine subscriptions and a number that I think many people can afford. Obviously, you couldn’t call it a subscription if everyone doesn’t have to pay. Perhaps many caring people would be willing to pay for those who can’t afford it. You could call it a pledge.

Thank you for all you do!

All I can think about is what would it be like to get every single person here standing together in one place! Imagine the incredible amount of love that the group would radiate out into our universe!
I have very modestly donated, and will again to do my part to keep this group active. I wish I could do more! Look at all of the copy cat windows this group spurred open.
God Bless you Arik and your team!

I’ve loved this group and it has been an inspiration throughout the lockdown, which we still are under in the UK until 2nd December. I’ve completely enjoyed seeing wonderful places from around the world, and can’t wait until I can travel to some of them again. I’ve loved learning about new plants and places, and I’ve felt somehow that those suffering have been strengthened by my ? on their posts which often are from hospital windows or cars in hospital car parks. I know that, over time, I’ll have less opportunity to spend enjoying this group and yet I don’t want it to go as the positivity is so infectious and has made the world a better place. I do choose this group over the news every day, and it’s a delight when I turn on Facebook for the first time in the day ?

I donate a small amount each month and pledge to continue to do so through 2021 if this group is able to continue. I think as the pandemic comes under control, with the promise of vaccines, this group may no longer be viable into 2022 (sadly). But it would be nice for the posts to remain (just no new ones added or comments so moderators are no longer needed) so we can go back over this important time in history in the years to come, and to remember there is such good in Humanity.

As I type this, the song “One” from U2 came on, very appropriately…

“We’re one, but we’re not the same. We’ve got to carry each, carry each other”

This is what this group has done when we needed it most this year. Let’s try for a bit longer as I still think it is needed ?

I have such respect for you and your team and believe that this site impacts us all in a positive way. As has been said, the news and other platforms are full of hatred and negativity. This site is a break from that and i truly feel connected to so many who post frequently. Furthermore, this site is helping me build my “must visit this place” list. Someday travel will be possible again. I have contributed monitarily (just a small amount) and believe as others have suggested that a call to action for a $10 or $20 might quickly solve the funding issue. Please let this group continue!!

Thank you Sharon, for you encouraging words and for your support. I am looking forward also for the days of travel to come back! In the meantime it is a pleasure to travel with all our friends through the Group. Love from Lisbon!

I will happily donate to continue this community thru 2021. This group has sustained me since I connected with it in the early months of the pandemic. It’s served as an escape, a substitute for travel, and a place for positivity and kindness. Arik and all who have run the behind-the-scenes, thank you! Very fitting that this is now Thanksgiving Day in the US. A huge “Thank you!” to all of those who have shared the scene from their window this year! ?

What a beautiful post by Sharon Horn. Although I am elderly and on an extremely limited income, I have contributed sporadically, but would be willing to contribute something monthly to be deducted from my checking account. I am wondering if Arik Zara set up monthly, quarterly or yearly automatic deductions from our bank accounts, if the cost to this group to set that up would defeat the purpose of keeping up the $95/K a year expense for 570 K members. Just throwing ideas out there: (1) To introduce newcomers to our site, there could be a free first month in which to choose membership; (2) Maybe a choice of $5, $10, or more per month; (3) Also, free to dear subscribers who feel they absolutely could not afford paying right now. Although free to them, they could be sources of recommendations to new subscribers. I want to “.. see the Group active for a long time.”

Thank you so much for your support and feedback, Joan, it is very much appreciated! ? We work hard to keep the Group going and loyal to its loving nature. Love from Lisbon!

Arik, the work that you and the other Moderators do is incredible, and as a member since the very early days of the group, I cannot thank you all enough. The Group has brought reality to us all, and the knowledge that we are not alone in our own little space, but that people throughout the world are feeling the same emotions and that love and care exists in every corner of the world, not to mention the beauty in the words and pictures. I, for one, have found it inspiring and comforting, and hope that it may continue long after this pandemic has finished wreaking havoc into our lives.

Hi Sue! thank you very much for your kind words of support and for appreciating the Team’s efforts! We are doing our best to keep the Group going, loyal to its quality standard . I also love the feeling that we are all together in this, from all over the world. Love from Lisbon! ?

Covid-19 Pandemic quite well. However, as a Psychologist I have been speaking to many people who are really doing it tough.
This Group has been the BEST THING EVER. Thank you so much. Whatever I can contribute to keep it going, be it time or money or advertising….I will do so. Thanks once again…just let me know what I can do, Okies?

As an admin in 3 busy community sites, I am very appreciative of the dedication and energy you and your team have put in to keep this site so positive and affirming. I am grateful for the posts from all around the world. In this devisive time in my country it’s so joyful to see the beauty around our beautiful earth. I would be glad to volunteer to help and also to make an annual contribution of $25.

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