We’ve Got a Garden!

I was woken up this morning by the sounds of a hammer smacking nails. I bounded to the balcony, it I couldn’t catch the culprit. So, back to my bedroom, and out of my window I watched the maintenance man of my building, busy banging a stake into the soil. The Bear was bothered that he couldn’t see the situation, so we leaned way over the window ledge.

After a time, I went downstairs to double check, and to my delight, I discovered a tiny garden under construction. Tomatoes!

And, as an added bonus, the bush right below my balcony is blooming, too. We’ve been waiting for weeks for the wondrous smell to waft up to the third floor. Plumeria! (With a fly-by photobomb appearance).

We’re so lucky to live in Cyprus, where every day, I notice something new.

Love and light

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By LayneCain

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