Weirdly Wonderful Little Window

I think I will always remember this weird little unexpected window on the wall. The one my mind wandered through as I lay on my side on a bed in a cardiac unit here in Plymouth.

This window view where I imagined myself swimming underwater with a friendly dolphin as someone busily checked my heart to see if I had any post Covid damage.

9 months of navigating a bewildering array of Long Covid symptoms with no real sense of how things might end. If at all. Culminating in this moment that could bring either good news or bad – sentence or reprieve.

It was 20 minutes of odd squelching ultrasound noises that made my heart sound like it was underwater too – tumbling alongside that playful dolphin as I willed my heart to come through.

When the noises stopped I dared to ask in that silence what the sonographer had seen. She looked at me and smiled saying my heart looked healthy – with no obvious damage in sight.

Needless to say, that dolphin and my heart did a full flip for joy. Such an immense sense of relief like being given a second chance. Handed more hope than ever of an eventual full return to health. This weirdly wonderful little window reminding me to keep much needed faith in myself – so the dolphins will come ? ?

By Debbie Geraghty

Hailing from Scotland and now living in Cornwall, UK. A window gazing lover of river and clouds. A visual storyteller and wondering wanderer who tries to live deeply - but lightly.

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