Weaver Ants

I found WEAVER ANT colonies on my hike today. They were hanging all over fruit bearing trees some nests a lotnbigger than my head. I have been bitten by these before. Their crawling over you is worse than their bite. Speaking of ant bites, fire ants are the absolute worst not only because of their bite but because they always attack as a group.

What is curious about these ants is how they build their nests. They SEW the nests by linking up and pulling leaves and then sewing them up using larval silk. Their larvae makes silk. I have opened up one of these nests before and it contains a lot of white larvae.

These ants are beneficial to the trees they inhabit because they protect the trees from harmful insects that might eat the leaves or its bark.

By Mimi Martin

I am an explorer by heart and I delight in the pleasure of little things.

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