We Continuously Battle against Spammers

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Article updated on December 16 2021.

Bad actors, ranging from trolls to spammers to malicious scammers, are continuously attacking the Members of our Group.

Here is an example of a scammer’s attack on the feed.

Our page is under round-the-clock attack by mean-spirited people and “bots”.

From our experience, friendship is not what these scammers, that harass our Members with fake profiles, are seeking.

Through content Moderation, we have created the infrastructure to support and defend our more than half-a-million Members.

What you see in the photos on this page, are examples of organized spam, that has been attacking this Group since its creation and spraying exploitative messages all throughout it.

In response, we are fighting these unwanted characters, by detecting them, removing all their posts and comments, and blocking them from the Group.

This happens many, many times a day. Our Team is on alert to find and confront these dangerous people. From our point of view, it feels like there are massive armies of organized spammers out there, which we are constantly battling. They are very strong and consistent. With our limited resources, we are doing our best to get rid of them as soon as possible. It is hard work, but we’re determined to do it, in order to keep our Group’s peaceful and positive vibes.

These types of spam messages are some of the important reasons our Group requires continuous Moderation. The spammers and their messages must be removed from the Group with extreme urgency, as quickly as possible, otherwise they create a terrible risk for our Members. We are the guardians of this space, and we take it seriously.

We are doing our very best to ensure that this space will be safe for everyone and stay true to its loving nature.

One of the numerous examples of spam found in our Group. The message was removed and the profile was blocked.

Our Members, through the “Report post to group admins” function, are invaluable in our efforts to fight spam. We thank everyone who has been reporting spam to Admin.

The above screenshot documents the actions the Moderator took regarding a single spam message that infiltrated the Group and got posted repeatedly!

What do you see from your window?

With love, stay safe ❤️


We are doing our very best to ensure, with limited resources, that this space will be safe for everyone and stay true to our Community’s positive vision.

If you should receive any unsolicited message or friend requests from these spammers – we advise you to take every precaution and to protect yourself from exploitation. If you respond to them, you do so at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for any consequences that might come from that.

The information in the following article may be also useful for your protection:

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