To Make You Smile

I took my pen in hand today
To make you smile, my special way.
It’s getting cold now over here.
So 2021 is near!

Our travel ban from 8 til 5
Will help to keep more folks alive.
The Cyprus rules we must maintain.
If we don’t want CoVid back again!

I’m grateful for the job I hold
And even though I’m getting old
I take each day as it arrives …
My joie de vivre takes wings and thrives.

I have sobriety, my family too.
As well as that, I’ve all of you!
This Group has saved my life this year
Which, at the start, was full of fear.

But science will prevail, I trust
And vaccines soon may be a “must”
And children will go out to play
And parents will be glad and gay.

And holidays will come again
With flights to take, to keep us sane.
The world will set itself to right.
And then we all can sleep at night.

But just for now, we take our cheer
By watching from both far and near
The windows of our Facebook friends.
We’ll cheer when this Pandemic ends!

So these Two, on my balcony
Send sunset wishes (which are free)
Ol’ Bear sends hugs and kisses too.
With love and light to all of you.

By LayneCain

Layne Cain uses the Hashtag #laundrywithlayne

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