The Yin and Yang of the Tree

Yesterday was another party-cloudy day in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Late in the evening we had threats of violent weather, including thunderstorms, hail, and wind gusts from 50-70 mph with a potential for tornadoes to touch down. We have gotten so stoic, I think that if they threw in some biblical flair such as leprosy or plagues of locusts, we wouldn’t have batted an eye.

When the storms did come, they were ferocious and intense. My dog Coco lost bowel control and wet the couch in fright.

It’s now Saturday spring morning. The temperatures have moderated and are pleasant. The sky has cleared out. Puffy clouds dot the blue sky. Our birds are visiting the bird feeder: mostly gold finches which delight us with their vivid yellow feathers.

This morning, when look out my window at this tree, the word “willpower” springs to mind.

I am fascinated by the yin and yang of the tree, how it is pregnant with lush pink flowers on one side, vibrant and alive; yet, it is bare, leafless, dry, and misshapen the other. I’m grateful that the homeowners honor the tree and didn’t take it down because it wasn’t perfect.

It is a tree with a lesson.

By Lee Sweeney Hume

Lee Sweeney Hume, a retired writer, mid-life, found her calling through volunteering. She regularly donates blood and volunteers with: a dog rescue organization, two libraries, writing and editing, advocating for gay and human rights, and entertaining her grandnieces with cookie-baking days.

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