The Captain

I have a new friend who, at the beginning, I only knew through social media. You know him, too, but I’d like to tell you more about him.

He is a compassionate man, filled with the need to make the world a better place in troubled times.

He is a father, co-parenting a little girl with his former wife in peace and harmony. The stuff all fathers should be.

He is tender, comforting broken spirits by the very presence of his being.

He is a mentor, teaching this simpleton things that would never have been learned if not for this Pandemic.

He is a clever man, with knowledge of the ways that things could and should be presented to others that makes them completely comfortable enough to bare their souls to thousands of strangers.

He is unemployed, yet strives to take care of the people who work for him.

He is funny, the kind of guy who says things that make me laugh on an almost hourly basis.

He is strict, but fair, guiding me in my new career so that I may do the best job possible.

He is nurturing, guarding this precious space with the determination of a warrior.

He is modest, declining donations until the odds were stacked against him, so that he had to ask for help.

He is a kindred spirit, having so much in common with someone like me, that we could have been from the very same family.

He is special, so much so, that there is talk of nomination for a Peace Prize in his name.

He is my friend, so far away, whose hand I have never shaken, yet he is closer to me than some folks that I have known for years.

He is a leader, a trailblazer, who has turned a simple idea into a global phenomenon.

He is my colleague, my boss, and I am in constant working contact with him all day, every day (and nights also), doing right for this Group.

He is humble, generously giving of his time, tirelessly striving to make this Community welcoming for hundreds of thousands of people from 167 countries.

He is just a guy, but he is an angel. He is my Captain.

He says I shouldn’t share this post, but I still feel I should. I’ll probably get fired tomorrow.

He is Arik, the creator of this Group.

In the photo: The man who made the lives of thousands of people so much better this year. He is with his daughter, who I have also met during our online work meetings. She likes to pop up and say hello to me.

Since May, I have devoted my life to this fabulous Group, with a full heart. I am working hard, 24/7, along with the great professionals of the Admin Team, to keep our space loyal to its loving nature.

Would you like to enjoy our Group next year? To keep it alive and sustain it we need your help today. This year is ending soon.

Please, if you’re able, support the round-the-clock work efforts of our Admin Team, by giving today to our 2021 Crowdfunding Campaign and helping us to reach our goal, here:

With your support, we will all benefit from our beautiful Community for another year. Donations are accepted with lots of love. Every penny helps. Thank you.

Love and light from Cyprus — Layne ??❤️

By LayneCain

Layne Cain uses the Hashtag #laundrywithlayne

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Many thanks to the people who work hard behind the scenes to keep this site true to the values and purpose with which it was begun. It serves as a connection between people all over the world. A Wonderful thing!

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