The Bear

Granny and Poppa were wed for 71 years. To each other. Never have I ever seen a more devoted duo. They ran a tailor shop in South Africa, so the two of them were terrifically turned-out every day. Each evening, before bedtime, she would coordinate his clothes then make up her mind on a matching outfit of her own. They were immaculate and impeccable until Granny’s eyesight started failing and the combination of spots, stripes, paisley and polka-dots she picked out, would make one dizzy. But he wore what she wanted every day.

They moved into a nursing home together in the later years of their lives, and when my Poppa passed away, aged 98, the staff supplied Granny with a bear to squeeze for solace.

She celebrated her 100th birthday, then passed away as well, six days later. And I became the owner of the bear.

When I watch your posts, good people, I gotta confess I get a bit green with envy while most of you enjoy your bunnies and birds. Your kitties and cows. Your sons and swans. Your daughters and dogs. You see, I don’t have a feathered or furry friend.

So today, I brought out Granny’s bear. I imagine he likes to see the Cyprus sea. And look at laundry too.

Love and light ????

By LayneCain

Layne Cain uses the Hashtag #laundrywithlayne

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I love this anecdote about how the bear came to be part of your life! Glad you are finding joy and light where you are now. I too moved from one place to another to change my life. I moved from Pennsylvania (where I was a psychotherapist) after my husband committed suicide to Florida. Still not feeling “settled” but taking up photography with so much beauty to focus on has helped a lot. Wishing you hopefully days and dreamy nights!

I don’t have the words to say how sorry I am for your loss. I hope you find comfort in your new home. And your next chapter. Thanks so much for the lovely compliment on my writing. I, too, am growing with each story. ❤️???

I love this so much! I started a teddy bear ministry in memory of my Mom that suddenly passed away. We give teddy bears to children in the hospital. Teddy bears bring comfort to everyone, no matter what age. I love that your Grandma received a teddy bear to bring her comfort and now he is giving you comfort as well. So thankful you brought him out. He is enjoying the journey and the spotlight! Thanks for sharing and I love that you started this blog. You have such a gift for writing! ❤️?

This Group has given me wings! My daughter is hand making memory bears from some of my late Dad’s clothes. I’m waiting patiently so my Bear will have a photo companion. God bless and thanks for your lovely words. ❤️???

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