Taking Care of Member-Reported Content

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Article updated on December 16, 2021.

As Group Admin, we see many notifications when posts or comments are reported to us by Members. We give these reports top priority, because they deal with the most dangerous and offensive content. We see many of these alerts, every day.

This is the bar in which Facebook notifies us of new Member-reported content. A Moderator will evaluate the Member-reports and take action accordingly.

This feature provided by Facebook, allows Group Members to report to Admin content they feel is inappropriate and to ask for our review for any reason (example: offensive posts). All Members can report inappropriate content or spam directly to us.

A member reported this content to the Admin. Such comments are typical of fake profiles from organized harassing bots. They spray such comments all through the feed, in what appears to be the first step of a scam. Following the Member’s report, the spam comments were removed and the profile was blocked.
This comment, that was reported by a Member, involves offensive language, as well as politics. In our Group we ask Members to refrain from both of them. The Group’s causes & values relate to all of us, regardless of our political views. Political discussions are important too, but there are other good places to have them. Our Group is just not the place. Thanks to the Member’s report, the comment was removed.
This is an example of the notifications that we receive on Facebook when there is new Member-reported content that needs to be evaluated and moderated by our Team.
Another example of scam-related content, reported by a Member.
In this screenshot you can see the amount of comments that our Moderator had to remove, derived from only one spam bot. The spammer sprayed their comments all through our feed, which then had to be removed by our Moderator.

The Member-reported content alerts is one of the important reasons this Group demands continuous moderation. The spammers and their messages must be removed from the Group with extreme urgency, as quickly as possible, otherwise they create a terrible risk for our Members. We are the guardians of this space, and we take it seriously.

When we examine Member-reported content, a Moderator evaluate the reported content according to the Group’s rules. Depending on the circumstances we can choose to:

  • Keep or delete said content.
  • Remove or block the Member who created the post or the comment.
An alert we received from a Member, reporting typical spam content.

The content that Members report to us is usually related to spam, scam, hate speech, swear words, political comments, commercial solicitation, and further violations of our Group rules.

Removed and blocked!

We are doing our very best to ensure that the content published will be safe and loyal to the Group’s loving nature.

Removed and blocked!

We regularly ask Members, that when they detect inappropriate content, to use the “Report post to group admins” function, to let us know about it. That’s of great help. We appreciate the assistance of Members, so that we are able to remove inappropriate content.

Another example of Member-Reported Content.

What do you see from your window?

With love, stay safe ❤️


We are doing our very best to ensure, with limited resources, that this space will be safe for everyone and stay true to our Community’s positive vision.

If you should receive any unsolicited message or friend requests from these spammers – we advise you to take every precaution and to protect yourself from exploitation. If you respond to them, you do so at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for any consequences that might come from that.

The information in the following article may be also useful for your protection:

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