Stevie Weaver

I was hoping this gelding would weave until I got to the chorus, the only lyrics I remember from this Stevie Wonder song. But Stevie Weaver did not oblige. So I will just belt it out here….

I just called to say
I love you
I just called to say
How much I care
I just called to say
I love you
And I mean it from
The bottom of my heart.

This post is my way of giving you my love all the way from the Philippine islands.

By Mimi Martin

I am an explorer by heart and I delight in the pleasure of little things.

2 replies on “Stevie Weaver”

This is one of my favorite posts on Arik’s entire page since I joined! Thank you. The combination of hearing your voice and seeing the effects of Stevie Wonder’s music on the lovely horse was purely delightful.

Hi Christine!!
It was really cool. Until now I wish I could have reached the chorus. I am still belting it out in my mind. I mean, the morning sun, the barking dog, the dancing horse, and Stevie Wonder’s song. ???

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