Today I went on a stay-cation at home in my third-floor flat right here in Cyprus.

I began in Bedroom Ville then proceeded into Kitchen City, where only the bravest of travelers dare go, but the finest coffee can be found.

Then it was the long hike to Shower Island where I treated myself to a prune-y plunge in hot waters deep.

I sallied forth to Closet-land, picked out my fanciest pair of fleecy trousers, and set off for Rubbish Town where I made my deposit.

By now, all the excitement had me most overwhelmed, so I needed a good lie-down.

As I came back upstairs, I passed by some pots of pretty plants that our Superintendent has placed at our entrance to enhance the view.

Bear believes they are there in anticipation of the upcoming Valentine’s Day whoop-de-do, but Ed the Ted thinks that perhaps they’re a lament of Christmas past.

And as for Li’l — well, she just has a penchant for a photobomb. Now, it’s nap time.

See you tomorrow!
Love and light ??????❤️

* * * * *

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