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I went to work on Wednesday. We’ve been closed since November, as it was Winter. But now it’s not. It’s hot. Summer has sauntered into Cyprus, but sadly no happy holidaymakers have arrived.

The Big Boss is stuck in Britain. But when he gets back, oh boy, won’t that be brilliant!

There’s a lot of struggling stores that have heaved their doors open today. First full day of official #Opening Up. But not for us. Not just yet.

Our space is silent, tables atop each other, waiting for the world to return to our restaurant. The dust has settled on the seats of unsat chairs and there’s a scaredy-cat creeping around getting nary a nibble right now.

There’s a few wee weeds stealthily slipping through the cement next to the overgrown garden that I’ll be tending next week.

So there’s definite doings on the horizon, and oh, when we open…..that’s the thought I relish most of all.

Love and light ???

By LayneCain

Layne Cain uses the Hashtag #laundrywithlayne

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