Sky At Night

I so rarely show you the night sky in Cornwall because it’s so difficult for me to really capture the dark, even though it’s most definitely there. I actually spend as much time looking at the stars as I do being bewildered by the beauty of the clouds dancing across the day.

At night, I often hang out my window and even twirl that velux window all the way round so I can move my head backwards to have a clear and uninterrupted view of the universe above me. It feels like I’m lying on my rooftop – or hanging upside down from a tree as I did as a child when I always felt compelled to seek out new perspectives.

Last night before bed, I saw a shooting star and the Comet Neowise as well as some sparkly planet I know not what. I always feel so deeply alive as I star bathe across my chimney top. So silently at one with absolutely everything. Knowing nothing, but somehow that doesn’t matter. Whatever happens, I know I’m willing to show up for it. And I guess that’s all we can ever hope to do ?

By Debbie Geraghty

Hailing from Scotland and now living in Cornwall, UK. A window gazing lover of river and clouds. A visual storyteller and wondering wanderer who tries to live deeply - but lightly.

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