Signs from the Afterlife

I feel I had to share this with all of you as you have given me a peek into your souls through your windows and thought you might enjoy this story.

My late stepson, Matthew Roddy, aka Matt, communicates with me via the ladybug. Started when he was a little boy and came home yelling “Virg, it’s a miracle a miracle I tell you”. What is it Matt?..”I can’t tell you”. Okay. Couple weeks later he comes home with a mother’s day present, he was so excited. Opened the box and in it was a rock painted like a ladybug (I’ll send a pic under separate cover). Seems he lost it at school and his teacher finally found it, hence the miracle. I’ve had a few ladybug sitings since he passed, but this one is especially meaningful so had to share with you all. He was a kind soul. Be well.


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