I get lost a lot in Cyprus. The street signs are literally all Greek to me. And although I can read this beautiful language, I haven’t learned it well enough to follow a map with ease. So if I stop to ask directions, most of the locals will use a landmark I should look for.

As in — “If you go past the shipwreck, you’ve gone too far” and “when you see the shipwreck, turn right”, and so on. Well, I took the two of them to the sea to check if we could really see the wreck a little closer.

This is (or was) a cargo vessel which veered, loaded with lumber, onto the rocks in 1998 on it’s way from Greece to Syria. The eight crew members were airlifted to safety after the ship ran aground. It seems, however, that the Captain’s competency was not quite up to snuff, as it was discovered that both he and his First Officer had forged their documents.

Bear and Li’l are heavy into history these days, and told me they both benefited from our drive down to the Med.And then we all got lost on the way home.
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