Removing Members from the Group

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As Admin of our Group, we are able to remove and block individuals from it. When we remove people, it allows us to protect the Community from those who share undesirable types of content.

The comment was removed and the Member blocked.

If someone constantly ignores Group policies, by, for example, spamming, violence, hate speech, swearing, posting stock photos, or repeatedly posting content that doesn’t resonate with the Group’s spirit, removing that person from the Group may be necessary.

In our Community, removal is used only as a very last resort. We always try first to Moderate the situation. Blocking is kept for the most extreme situations.

If Moderation does not work, we may, before blocking the Member, consider temporarily muting the individual. We allow some time for the discussion (and the Member) to cool down. When all else fails, we may also feel empowered to remove Members from our group.

When we remove someone from our Community, we may also block them completely if we don’t want them to infiltrate the Group again. Once blocked, the individual won’t be able to find, see or join the Group.

This screenshot is an example of a comment that we had to deal with regarding our Group’s rule that states that swearing and offensive language must not be used. The comment was removed and the individual was blocked.

If we have a person in our Group that is malicious towards other people and Admin doesn’t intervene, this carries the risk of transforming the environment of the Group in a negative manner. Other Members may also be led to believe that this type of behavior is acceptable or that Admin simply doesn’t care. If this is the behavior that they see in our Group, they may want to leave. This is a scenario we would like to prevent.

The above screenshots show organized spam bots that have been attacking our Group and spraying exploitative messages all through the feed. We are attacked by many, many of these dubious characters continually, nonstop. It is hard to grasp the amount and the intensity of such terrible spam. The profiles were, of course, removed and blocked.

We were initially unsure about removing people from the Group, but realized it was sometimes necessary. As Admin, we uphold the culture and rules of our Community. Members appreciate our Moderation, including the removal of people who do not follow our Community’s rules.

A screenshot from our Admin panel, showing the number of blocked members. The dominant majority of them are organized spammers and bots, using fake profiles. We block these profiles as soon as we see them.

What do you see from your window?

With love, stay safe ❤️


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