Processing Reports about Unwanted PMs and Friend Requests

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We have been receiving reports from Members about unsolicited private messages (PMs) and unwanted, intrusive friend requests that they receive from other Members in the Group.

A report we received from a Member about a scam friend request. Further in the communication, the reporting Member helpfully provided screenshot proofs.

From our experience we know that such PMs and friend requests reported, are most commonly related to scammer activity. Such activity may not even be generated by a real person at all! Cyber criminals sometimes pose as innocent Facebook profiles. They use sweet-talking as part of their scheme for their own dubious reasons, in order to build a connection and trust from unsuspecting Members.

Removed and blocked!

As a result of the reports received from Members, the following Group rule has being implemented by our Team for the safety of our precious Community:

“Refrain from disturbing Members with unwanted PMs & friendship requests. Such spam may reported (with screenshots proofs) on the Group’s Chat Support, here:

And indeed, Members are contacting us quite often to report violations of this rule. They add screenshots to their reports, which is very beneficial for our evaluation of the matter. Following the evaluation, we may remove and block the reported profiles from our Group.

Reported, evaluated and blocked!

The Moderation team takes these matters seriously. We’re working hard and doing our best to protect our space, to protect the Group’s Members, and to keep our Community loyal to its loving nature.

We take these issues seriously. Reported, removed and blocked!

What do you see from your window?

With love, stay safe ❤️


We are doing our very best to ensure, with limited resources, that together with the rapid growth of the Group, this space will be safe for everyone and stay true to our Community’s positive vision.

If you should receive any unsolicited message or friend requests from these spammers – we advise you to take every precaution and to protect yourself from exploitation. If you respond to them, you do so at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for any consequences that might come from that.

The information in the following article may be also useful for your protection:

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