Last year, I gracelessly tripped on a teeny tiny step on a sidewalk here in Cyprus, and twisted my ankle in an awful way. I spent a small fortune on this unflattering leg brace and hobbled around for almost three weeks with it on until I healed.

Yesterday, I learned that my fabulous friend Lainy befell (literally) the same fate. This honey has been my guardian angel all through Lockdown. I was terrified to leave my flat for the first few weeks, and she would bring me meals her hubby made and kick them in their containers across the car-park so we could maintain the two-meter mandate. Had it not been for her, I may have starved.

I got ready to return some of her Tupperware today, along with my leg brace for her to borrow, when I noticed His Nibs had climbed in the cool-box. He’s such a poser.

I quickly caught him on camera and then off we went.

Feel better soon, my sweet soul-sister,

I call this one “Bear in a Bag”.

Love and light

By LayneCain

Layne Cain uses the Hashtag #laundrywithlayne

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