Meet Our International Team

Great Professionals on the Admin Team

The continuous effort of our Team maintains our Group’s loving nature. To keep this Project alive requires hiring more Moderators to provide service. We are doing our best to have the financial ability to make that happen.

You’ve been asking what the Admin Team of our Group does on a daily basis, and also what tasks and responsibilities are involved in running a Project of this size.

To answer your questions, I have prepared a series of articles which addresses the daily tasks and responsibilities of our Team. To see all of the posts on Admin responsibilities click here.

Lisbon, Portugal
Creator, Project Manager and Moderator

Paphos, Cyprus
Hero Moderator and Author

Erevan, Armenia
Website Development and Programming

Aberdeen, Scotland
Fundraising Manager

Inthot Khung

Siem Reap, Cambodia
Designer, Virtual Assistant

Great Volunteer Authors and Photographers on the Window-Blog

Our Community’s Website hosts the Window-Blog, which features content created by Group Authors and Photographers, which has also been shared to the Group, on the Website’s public stage.

Unlike our Group which is a private forum, this Website is a forum that may be visited by the general public, and with this we are able to extend the positive vision of our Community to a wider audience, thereby reaching more people who may share our values.

The Window-Blog provides a great opportunity for our Group’s devoted and dedicated Member-Authors to develop their writing talents, to display the collection of their Group posts in one location, and also allows Members to follow the works of these Authors in a blog format.

The Window-Blog has been receiving wonderful feedback from both Authors and Members alike.