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This post is a part of a series of articles which addresses the daily tasks and responsibilities of our Group’s Admin Team. To see all of the posts on Admin responsibilities click here.

Embracing a sense of community, solidarity and friendship is important to enhancing the goals of our Group. The Admin Team has been doing just that. We have been nourishing our Community through Special Group Activities that we initiated, following requests and feedback that we’ve received from Members.

Here are a few examples of such activities that have taken place in our Community, created important bonding between our Members, and established a strong identity in our space. They were also a lot of fun!

Rapid Window-Interviews

The Rapid Window-Interviews are another great way for our Community to connect and get to know each other better!

In these interviews, Members are in the spotlight! Wonderful people from around the world are introducing themselves personally to our Community. They are sharing their lives, inspirations, dreams, hobbies, family, favorite music, and so on. The results are wonderful, with great feedback. This activity creates a feeling of solidarity and compassion.

Would you like to read the interviews? Here are some links:

The #SweetSpecial

Earlier this year, our #SweetSpecial was celebrated around the world. For a period of 24 hours, Members shared their sweet goodies!

In this special, we invited our Friends to submit posts with photos of their cakes, cookies, fruits, candies, ice cream, or whatever sugary delight they could imagine. No windows were required! It was yummy!

This event was another opportunity for us to connect, with sweet uplifting vibes, from all corners of the globe.

In preparation for the special, I went to Portugal’s most well-known bakery, located in Lisbon’s Belém district. Here they prepare the country’s famous sweet, the very delicious Pastel de Belém (also called Pastel de Nata). It’s an egg tart pastry dusted with cinnamon. Warm, sweet and delicious!

So, after I bought these treats, I had to find a place to shoot the photos. That’s not too difficult in Belém, a beautiful pearl of Lisbon. I found a good spot with a pretty background and prepared for the photo shoot. But hey, what would I put the pastries on? My clean mask was the first thing I could find. I didn’t plan it, but this could be art. Covid-Art! 😅

The Pastel de Belém, by the way, was invented before the 18th century by monks at Jerónimos Monastery, which is seen in the background of my photo.

The #SelfieSpecial
In this 24-hour special, we invited our Members to upload to the feed a portrait, and to tell the Group about themselves. ‘Coz we love to know our friends better!

The event was fantastic, with many of us excited to share photos of our faces, for a change!

This was my #SelfieSpecial photo. My sweet 5 years old daughter giving her daddy a Lockdown-haircut. After that came a shave!

Our Group’s Website

The Website is an important forum for our Community to maintain our great vibes, enhance our activities, and extend our reach beyond Facebook.

Our Website hosts content and activities that, by their very nature, are not suitable for the Group space on Facebook and need an Online platform in order to be displayed. Here are some examples:

  • Our Website hosts the Window-Blog, which features content created by Group Authors and Photographers, which has also been shared to the Group, on the Website’s public stage. Unlike our Group which is a private forum, this Website is a forum that may be visited by the general public, and with this we are able to extend the positive vision of our Community to a wider audience, thereby reaching more people who may share our values. The Window-Blog provides a great opportunity for our Group’s devoted and dedicated Member-Authors to develop their writing talents, to display the collection of their Group posts in one location, and also allows Members to follow the works of these Authors in a blog format. The Window-Blog has been receiving wonderful feedback from both Authors and Members alike.
  • The Website is a space in which we publish information and special announcements for our Group Members, such as the post that you are reading right now, which is a part of a series of articles which addresses the daily tasks and responsibilities of our Group’s Admin Team.
  • The Website also hosts our Rapid Window-Interviews, in which our wonderful Friends introduce themselves personally to our Community, as described in the beginning of this post.
  • This Website is required for hosting our Group’s Crowdfunding Program, which will hopefully secure the future of this Project.

To operate and maintain the Website for its various facets, we receive service and assistance from our Team’s Website Developer, as well as from our Virtual Assistant, who is in charge of populating the blog with content.

The Group’s Newsletter

Our Community’s Newsletter is another way for us to connect and stay engaged.

Sometimes, our Members may take a break from social media, or perhaps they just see the Group’s posts on their Facebook feed. This sometimes happens due to reasons beyond our control. The Newsletter, then, allows us to get in touch with our Friends in a direct, personable way.

Through the Newsletter, we have been been sending our subscribers unique content, such as the list of Round-the-World Popular Posts, Admin announcements, fresh content from the Window-Blog, and more.

A screenshot of our Newsletter’s Popular Posts section.

In our Team, the task of preparing and sending the Newsletter is the responsibility of the Project Manager.

If you’d like see the Group’s “Top Posts” lists and additional positive updates, we invite you to sign up for our free Newsletter, here:

The Group’s Crowdfunding Program

Our Project relies on Member support. After related discussions in the Group, and following overwhelming positive Member feedback, we have created a structure to receive donation support from Members. This will hopefully create the vital funds required for our Community to survive and continue to flourish.

To create such structure and to be able to receive donations from our Friends, requires a website, programming assistance and other related services and costs.

A Crowdfunding effort involves a complex system of communication with Donors. For example, after we receive a donation, we send certificates of appreciation to the Donor. This requires additional work from our Designer (who prepares the Certificates), in addition to the task of sending emails to the certificate recipients.

If you appreciate our work and service, please consider supporting and showing your love, by donating here: Every penny counts.

What do you see from your window?

With love, stay safe ❤️


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