One Small Goal

I’ve set myself one small goal to accomplish every day. They say that it’s good for mental health to tackle things that you’d really rather just not do.

My mission this morning was to go to our post office. The line is always long, so it’s not my favorite errand to run. But I had an important letter to send to Scotland.

I’m glad I went, because as I came around the corner from where I parked my car, I happened upon this open gate.

As tempting as it was to enter and see what was inside the grounds, I simply stood outside instead, and let my mind imagine what sort of lives may be led by the people who owned the property.

I’ve lived in places where security was so stringent that an open gate was an invitation for all sorts of bad behavior. Here in Cyprus, we welcome strangers, family and friends alike into our homes.

Until the Pandemic.

So now we are more wary. Wondering when we’ll be back to the way it was, almost a year ago.

But I’m lucky because I get to visit virtually, with all of you. I love to look through your windows, and celebrate your joys and commiserate your sorrows.

I feel secure in the knowledge that until we are able to meet in person, my family here in this Group will float me through until the time is right.

I will open the gate of my heart to you, until I am able to open the door of my home.

staysafe #stayhome

Love and light 🇨🇾🐻🧸🧺🧦❤️


By LayneCain

Layne Cain uses the Hashtag #laundrywithlayne

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It’s the same here not sure it will ever be the same we can meet as groups of ten winter has stopped alot of that it looks beautiful there peace and beauty be with yu

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