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I used to call myself “the world’s oldest waitress”.

The photo that you see is of the restaurant I worked in before the Pandemic. It has now closed, and is up for sale.

When Lockdown started, I found myself unemployed, alone and afraid in my flat. Then I found this Group, which became for me, a lifeline to the outside world.

In May, I noticed that more and more people were joining, and it felt like my posts were being held up in a queue for approval. I got a bit cheeky and asked Arik if he needed help moderating. He said yes, and my journey began, as a volunteer at first, and then coming aboard full-time.

I had thought that I would be unemployed indefinitely, but this Group gave me an opportunity to make a career move in the midst of a Pandemic that I would never have imagined. Thank you everybody! And thank you, Arik, my captain!

I didn’t realize the intensity of what I was letting myself in for. As a 58 year old woman challenged by technology, I somehow became a tech-savvy guru, through long months of training, hard work, sleepless nights and endless phone calls with Arik.

And now I find, eight months later, that I’m really pretty good at what I do, and my Christmas bonus is that I have also made over 577K new friends.

Since May, I have devoted my life to this fabulous Group, with a full heart. I am working hard, 24/7, along with the great professionals of the Admin Team, to keep our space loyal to its loving nature.

Would you like to enjoy our Group next year? To keep it alive and sustain it we need your help today. This year is ending soon. Please, if you’re able, support the round-the-clock work efforts of our Admin Team, by giving today to our 2021 Crowdfunding Campaign and helping us to reach our goal, here:

With your support, we will all benefit from our beautiful Community for another year. Donations are accepted with lots of love. Every penny helps. Thank you.

Love and light from Cyprus — Layne 🐻🧸❤️


By LayneCain

Layne Cain uses the Hashtag #laundrywithlayne

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