Moderating and Managing “Keyword Alerts”

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Article updated on December 16 2021.

As our Group is so constantly active, with numerous new comments added every minute, every hour, every day, one of the tasks that we have been spending a lot of time on, is moderating and managing “keyword alerts”. What are keyword alerts?

Keyword alerts is a tool which Facebook provides us, as Admin, to moderate our Group efficiently. It scans all the discussions on our feed in order to spot specific terms used, and certain types of content – things like language and keywords that could signal spam, conflict, harassment, violence, and so on.

This is what the “keyword alerts” that we receive look like.

To make it easier to spot when specific keywords show up in our Group, we use Facebook’s Keyword Alerts feature. This feature tell us, as Admin, when Members use certain words or phrases in our Group.

A Keyword Alert that our Moderators have received, activated by the keyword “s**t”. The on-shift Moderator removed the comment and advised the Member of the rule they have violated.

The custom alert keyword list that we created for our Group reflects those key moments when we want to be present in our Group’s discussions, in order to keep our Community loyal to its loving nature. We choose our keywords to help us find those moments. The keywords that we have currently set up on the list, can be divided to three types:

  • Keywords and phrases that may be evidence to comments added by spammers and scammers, such as “bitcoin”, “forex”, “add me up”, “love spell’, “bring my lover back”, and so on.
  • Keywords and phrases that reflect offensive language used in our Group, such as “f***ing”, “idiot” and “bi**h”.
  • Keywords and phrases that reflect political comments, which Members are requested to refrain from in our Group (such as T***p, B***n, etc).
A Keyword Alert that our Moderators have received, activated by the phrase “add me up”. It is often evidence of a comment added by scammers.

As a matter of routine in our work, each time a word or phrase appears within a comment or post in our Group, the Moderator receives an automatic notification. Then, once the alert is received, our Moderator will research, analyze and respond to content that may need more immediate attention. The Moderator may decide, according to the circumstances, to remove the comment, advise the Member of the Group rule they violated in their comment, block the Member in cases of severe violations, or to keep the comment without taking any action.

This is the bar in which Facebook notifies us of pending Keyword Alerts. It should be noted here, that the number of pending alerts that you see here is not accurate. We never leave this many alerts pending and we take care of them expediently. The reason for the excessive number of alerts you see on this example, appears to be due to a bug in the Facebook platform.

The task of creating, fine-tuning, experimenting with, and updating the custom list of words and phrases is the responsibility of our Group’s Project Manager. The Project Manager analyzes the performance of various keyword set on the Alerts section, identifies related trends in the Group, communicates the matter and consults with the Moderator as they think of new ways to use the tool, and then updates the Keywords list.

The task of dealing with the Keyword alerts is of utmost priority, and it is important that they are taken care of with urgency, as quickly as possible, for two main reasons:

  1. The keyword alerts reflect activity of the worst kind in our Community – such as scammers, spammers and harassers. If such content is left in our Group without removal, it would create a risk to our Members, who are then exposed to dubious characters seeking exploitation. These spammers cause an immediate and serious risk to our Members and to our vision of maintaining the loving nature of our Group. It is one of our top priorities to block these negative characters and the content that they create, to the best of our ability, expediently.
  2. The keyword alerts in our Group also reflect comments that are related to violence, hate speech and politics. From our experience, such comments, if left un-moderated, have sparked heated, controversial and argumentative communication, which we need to prevent.

For these two main reasons, as well as others that we will address in additional posts, and due to the very high level of activity in our Group, we have set ourselves the goal that such types of content will be removed by a Moderator with urgency, as quickly as possible. We are the guardians of our space, we know its needs, and we are determined to keep it loyal to its loving nature. We take this seriously.

A comment that generated an alert in our Group by via the Keyword Alerts tool. When such spammers add their content to our Group, most often they do not do it only once, but spray numerous comments all throughout the feed. Our Moderators are diligent with removing the comments, and they also block the posting profile from our Community.

What do you see from your window?

With love, stay safe ❤️


We are doing our very best to ensure, with limited resources, that this space will be safe for everyone and stay true to our Community’s positive vision.

If you should receive any unsolicited message or friend requests from these spammers – we advise you to take every precaution and to protect yourself from exploitation. If you respond to them, you do so at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for any consequences that might come from that.

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