Message in a Bottle

It’s New Year’s Eve in England and I’m reflecting on the simple magic of a message in a bottle I sent from Cornwall to Scotland…and now hope to send across the world.

I made this little bottle light for my mum to remember her much missed partner of 20 years who sadly died before Christmas. One of the last things he told her was he wanted no “gloom and doom” when he was gone. Too much darkness in the world already, said he. He wanted us to look for the light.

So, I set out to create as much light for my mum as I could to help her through this difficult time. I knew they both shared a love of little robins – and of ridiculously cute things. A robin bottle full of light, love and joy seemed like the perfect memento.

But when I called my mum to check if the bottle had survived the journey in one piece she told me yes… apart from the fact the “J” in the word “Joy” had somehow been knocked off in transit. The bottle, she quietly informed me, now simply said… “oy”.

“oy”?? I exclaimed in slight horror at the thought of a broken gift now bringing to mind the rude sound of someone shouting “oi!”across a busy city street. Whatever happened to the “Joy”?? asked I. Well, it’s ended up an “oy”, said she.

We both started to giggle – knowing he too would have smiled at the sight of this resilient little light that still kept on shining in its broken beleaguered delight.

That little bottle of “oy” was somehow also reminding us it wasn’t the only one who’d felt the “J” knocked off its “Joy” at some point along the 2020 transit! Yet, we too had all managed to continue to shine and give each other light.

Exactly like this gorgeous beacon of a group and its heartfelt humanity that he, my mum and I always appreciated for its beautifully bottled up light. So inspired and comforted by the kindest of folk lending out hope to any darkness in the world – always putting the “J” back into each other’s “oy”.

This dear community has become like the “Joy Repair Kit” I’ve now just sent to my mum – including some unbroken “Joy” and extra batteries and glue to keep that precious light powered up and stuck together, like this group, for as long as it can!

May this New Year’s message from Cornwall in a bottle shine the warmest of thanks – to you as well as the founder of this group Arik Zara and his extraordinary team that it’s been such a healing delight to be part of.

May 2021 bring you all the brightest of love and light and much abundant “JOY” – albeit with a far more firmly intact “J”! ?

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By Debbie Geraghty

Hailing from Scotland and now living in Cornwall, UK. A window gazing lover of river and clouds. A visual storyteller and wondering wanderer who tries to live deeply - but lightly.

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