Cyprus is somewhat famous for a lot of things — halloumi cheese (which is great when grilled), luscious lace, our crazy cat population, the magnificent Mediterranean Sea, and Bear’s personal darlings, the donkeys.

Even though we’ve never actually been on the back of one.

Due to the visible lack of vases in the third-floor flat, our latest Plumeria pickings had to rest in a receptacle, so Bear suggested that we improvise, and implement this coffee cup, which was graciously given to me as a gift several years ago by a now dearly-departed friend.

When the climate’s cold I use this for cups-o- soup (best served with Marmite toast, don’t you know) but now it’s not really soup sort of weather, so I think Louise would like that I have repurposed her mug so Bear could mug with it.

Love and light

By LayneCain

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