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Our Community’s Chat Support service

Imagine a municipality with more than 550K citizens. How much communication would it have to deal with?

A Project like ours, with more than half a million Members, naturally has plenty of communication and Member-support to take care of daily.

We receive numerous amounts of messages from Members. Since the birth of our Group, the Admins have been being contacted frequently via email and Facebook Messenger, and also in our own private Inboxes. We receive messages on a wide range of subjects, from post disapprovals, requests for technical support, spam, personal issues, ideas and feedback, and so on.

With the limited manpower and budget that we have, we are doing our best to respond to the most important and urgent types of inquiries.

Positive feedback that we received from a Group Member following service she received on her inquiry.
More lovely feedback from a Member!

We all know how it feels when we call or send an email to a provider, but we don’t get an answer. This might create mistrust and frustration, which is not something we want to have happen in our Group.

Good communication is a value which is integral to our Project. For the Group to keep loyal to its mission, communication must be a priority for us. This allows us to have a stronger understanding of the expectations and requirements of Members. It is by listening, being proactive and personable with our Members, that we can create successful relationships and maintain a positive Group environment. We would love to be able to respond and communicate with Members who need our attention, thereby making our Community better, more pleasant and loyal to its loving nature.

This Member feels we’re doing a good job. Yay!

The ability to communicate becomes crucially important when Members send us messages reporting spam and other dubious activities within the Group. With these types of reports especially, we must be able to respond very quickly, for the sake of protecting our Members and our space from such unpleasant activity.

In the month of September-2020, to improve the Team’s communication with the Members of our Community, we officially launched a new feature in our Group: the Chat Support. On this chat feature, Moderators are available to communicate with Members and to answer their questions.

Service provided on our Chat Support.

In particular, we’ve found the Chat Service efficient in cases of post approvals. A unique feature of our Group since its early days, is that on each disapproval we inform the Member with the reason for disapproval. Still, we have seen many cases of Members who require further assistance and clarification to understand the reason for the disapproval. The new Chat Support feature has been launched with the goal of answering this need, thereby improving communication between Members and Moderators, enhancing clarity with regards to post disapprovals and providing the Members the information and assistance necessary for submitting valid posts.

Until we introduced Chat Support, Members who had their submitted posts declined were often frustrated. Many of them couldn’t understand the reason for disapproval. The unfortunate result of the post disapproval, then, was that the Member got discouraged from posting again in the Group, or even left the Community.

Since we started running the new Chat Feature, the feedback we’ve been receiving from many of our Members has been excellent. The situation improved dramatically. We see a big change in the way people feel when their post gets disapproved. When these Members come to chat with us about it (and many do), we are able to clarify what the reason was for the disapproval, and how it can be fixed in order to be approved and published. Sometimes, it is a simple as adding a location, or remove a hashtag from a post, in order for it to be approved. We love our Members and their posts and we are very glad to assist them in submitting valid posts and getting them approved. This communication helps us to build a positive relationship with our Members. They are then happy to post and share again in the Group.

The Chat Support service is easily accessible on our Project’s website, here (click on the Facebook Messenger icon to start chatting).

Since the creation of the Group, Moderators have been receiving an overwhelming amount of messages from Members directly into to their personal Messenger inbox. To resolve this issue, with the Chat Support service now available, we asked our Members who wish to communicate with a Moderator, to kindly refrain from sending private messages. Instead, Members are invited to chat with us on the Group’s Chat Support.

In the screenshots below you may see more examples of the Admin Team’s communication with Members.

A reply provided to a Member by our Moderator. With so much work to do, sometimes we also do mistakes! 🙂

What do you see from your window?

With love, stay safe ❤️


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