Lisbon Scooter

I’ve been riding scooters since I was 16. The first one I had was red. My late parents bought it for me. Now that I am a father, 30 years later, I still can’t understand how they found the courage to do it. They were responsible people and quite careful when it came to their kids. I was so young! I remember asking my lovely mother how come she bought me a scooter, and she said: “Because it was what you wanted!”.

Since then, wherever I’ve traveled around the world, one of the first things that makes me feel at home and liberated, is getting a scooter. I love this vehicle. It’s fun and also an efficient time saver!

Today, there is a drive that I need to take in Lisbon. I thought you might like to join me. If you enjoy my journey, please leave a positive comment, and I will share more from my scooter another day.

By Arik Zara

I am Creator, Project Manager and Moderator of "What do you see from your window?". If you would like to learn more about me, here is a post of my life story in my own words, containing some interesting chapters of my life.

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