Let There Be Light


Like so many others in the UK and around the world I won’t get to see family this Christmas. My mum sent me a message saying, “I wish I could take an eraser and rub out the miles between us”. I wish she could too – but it is what it is. My way of dealing with that is to believe I can still Let There Be Light through my window…

I can look at the logs burn in my fire in Cornwall and remember how someone in the village so kindly gave me those logs for free.

I can see that Christmas tree shining afore me and rejoice in the strong armed smiley plumber who came to fix a leak – and then offered to carry that tree from my car up a flight of stairs that proved beyond me.

I can let my heart melt at the surprise gift from a new friend in America of 12 bottles of fairy lights now dotted around the room – someone who wanted to reach out to soothe the darkness of some recent sad news.

As my fire now crackles in the cosy of this cradling calm, I can sit back and enjoy every little Christmas decoration collected over the years from those people I love – reminding me of hearts open and giving.

I can warmly welcome any gentle tears shed with those precious trinkets I also hang each Christmas in honour of loved ones lost – so I always keep them safely beside me.

Yes, I may not see my mum and family this Christmas but I can still very much feel the beautiful light of what Christmas is surely about. Trying to think of others as well as ourselves. Trying to be kind above all else. Trying to do what we can together to love and keep each other safe – ready for even brighter Christmases to come.

And, this year, I can also send some extra special sparkles of love and thanks to the many dear hearts in this gorgeous group who always glow with such kindness beyond themselves. Whatever happens during these holidays, may you too manage to find even the smallest of ways to softly shine – and Let There Be Light ??

By Debbie Geraghty

Hailing from Scotland and now living in Cornwall, UK. A window gazing lover of river and clouds. A visual storyteller and wondering wanderer who tries to live deeply - but lightly.

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This is really beautiful. I agree this group shines a light into some pretty dark times. And you, in particular, do so spectacularly.

Thank you Lulu. That’s so very lovely of you to say that. It’s certainly a beautiful group to be part of during these times. Wishing you a very safe and Happy New Year. Warm wishes, Debbie

So glad you like it Anita. It feels like a lovely bit of escapism – even though it’s all based on real life! 🙂 Take care, Debbie

Thanks Sue. Yes I loved that too. It was her expression that inspired me to write what I did. Melted my wee heart ❤️

Thank you Debbie for sharing your beautiful thoughts it’s inspiring and perks up my day may you be blessed for sharing all of this love Hugs from Southeast Iowa USA

Yes Karen I totally agree. What a beautiful expression of humanity this group has been throughout this difficult time. This community has made us laugh and made us cry – and a whole lot more inbetween! Keep the faith. Warm wishes, Debbie

What a treasure to have found you this morning on the group,” What do you see out your window?” I’d like very much to participate on this group , “ Let There be Light!” Definitely will recommend to my sister, a Yank living with her English family in Ascot… she will love this!!

Hi Kathy, thank you! I’m so happy you found the group and can recommend it to your sister. It’s been such a supportive and fascinating group for so many – especially during lockdown. Lots of sofa adventuring going on as well as a gorgeous feeling of community and peace. Very special. See you on the group and look forward to looking through your window! 🙂 Stay safe. Debbie

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