Late Post

I suppose that Sunday is as good a time as any to undergo some utility work here in Cyprus. I mean, no-one wants to sleep in late on a weekend, do they?

At eight o’clock this morning, these guys were going for it. Communication is key in a situation such as this. And the shouting was shocking, starling me from slumber. So I groggily got up.

I had no fridge, no phone, no fans. No nothing but the grinding of gears on their trucks and the drilling from these dudes trying to get the job done by one.

So I dressed and went downstairs to ramble around and snap some photos of the frenzied flurry of activity.

It was then I gathered that I couldn’t get out of the driveway to get my groceries.

We had no choice, Bear and I. We simply had to watch and wait.

This post is late. Because I had no internet.

Love and light


By LayneCain

Layne Cain uses the Hashtag #laundrywithlayne

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