Interview | “Fore Yore Lore” Podcast

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Hi Window-Friends,

I was recently interviewed on a wonderful podcast called “Fore Yore Lore”, in which our amazing Group was featured.

My English is not perfect, and I have a funny accent… So please excuse me for any language mistakes, but I did my best to tell our story from the heart!

The interview includes many interesting stories about our Community, its birth, benefits, values, vision and strategy, as well as the tremendous Admin effort and work that is required behind-the-scenes. We also discuss some of my personal life stories.

Our Community spreads joy, comfort and hope. It is an amazing achievement. Together, we make a difference!

I would like to thank our Group Member @John Adamcik, the host of the Podcast, who recognized our special beauty and chose to devote to us, a whole chapter of his show!

I hope you enjoy watching the interview.

With love, stay safe, keep it kind,


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— In his brilliant Podcast, “Fore Yore Lore”, John interviews interesting people with compelling stories. If you’d like to listen to additional chapters of his Podcast, here is the link: