Human Touch

My one small goal for today was to go to my bank.

This arduous task required me to drive, due to the recent closure of the closest branch which used to be right around the corner.

I’ve seen this statue outside the new location many times and it sometimes makes me sad.

She has small people in her arms, and I am reminded how much I miss human touch.

Seeing my loved ones on social media is wonderful, don’t get me wrong, but I wonder how long it will be until we are allowed to hug, handshake, or even high-five.

Still, I am grateful that I am employed, still relatively sane, and somewhat healthy.

And I am so happy to have half-a-million beautiful friends in this awesome Group who help to cheer me up.

And today I had Li’l, who gave me a giggle when she insisted on playing hide-and-seek in the statue.

Can you find her?

See you tomorrow!
Love and light from Cyprus ???????

* * * * *

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By LayneCain

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One reply on “Human Touch”

This site has been wonderful, I do hope it will continue. It has brought great joy to so many. Oh the places we’ve seen ?
Loved your poem. And don’t forget Lil.
From Derry Ireland ?

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