Granny’s Gown

Granny was a glamorous gal. When I was wee, I happily spent hours, eyes wide, while she artfully applied foundation and shadow. And she never went anywhere without lipstick. She was a beauty queen.

Granny and Poppa would storm the stores of New York once a year to shop for shoes. She had the tiniest feet and had to have high heels. But she couldn’t quite find her size in South Africa.

While on their shopping sprees, they’d stop for matching outfits for my sister and me. We went once to see the original London production of Jesus Christ Superstar at the Royal Albert Hall, sporting neon green pantsuits, complete with twirly lace down the front, and we were clocked by a cousin from all the way across the room!

But as my Gran got older, it was clear that her heels were a hindrance, so she found it necessary to start spending in the children’s section instead. Her footwear transitioned into takkies and tennis shoes that were easier to walk in. Laces became Velcro. Pocahontas, Princess Jasmine and Goldilocks now graced my Granny’s feet.

And the silk swatches she loved to wear gave way to dressing gowns. Guess what I got after she passed….

It was horribly hot here in Cyprus last week. But it’s cooled down considerably over the last few days and I’ve been obliged to wear some layers later in the evenings. So I borrowed the bathrobe as well.

It needed a wash. So did my socks. And as I hung it all up to dry, I noticed my neighbor had the same idea. And the Bear on the balcony was curious, too.

Love and light

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Enjoyed reading… in fact I was born in Cyprus in a British detention camp. My parents were on their way to Israel after WWII. Have since visited twice and had a fantastic holiday. The Cypriots are lovely people

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