Giving Thanks

As I wandered along the hidden paths amid the sand dunes at sunset in Cornwall tonight, I couldn’t help but feel the most extraordinary sense of thanks.

When I looked out across the ocean I then found my thoughts turning to all my new American friends I’ve made through this amazing group. I imagined them celebrating their blessings too as they marked their Thanksgiving today.

Under that sunset it dawned on me just how much beautiful kindness people in this community have shown me on my own journey over the past many months. For which I’m very grateful.

I think of all those sleepless nights when I was poorly and living alone during the lockdowns. Whenever I would post in this group a flurry of wonderful comments would always flow in from the USA – as they were inevitably awake when I should have been asleep! Without fail, they always cheered me up – and cheered me on.

So, I wanted to send this glorious sunset across the ocean from Cornwall…this time to say a big thank you for being there – and to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Here’s to this glorious community continuing to support each other to walk onwards – and upwards… ?

By Debbie Geraghty

Hailing from Scotland and now living in Cornwall, UK. A window gazing lover of river and clouds. A visual storyteller and wondering wanderer who tries to live deeply - but lightly.

2 replies on “Giving Thanks”

Dear Debbie,
I love your words and pictures.
You know how to touch the heart. Thank you.
My distant ancestors came from Scotland & England. I visited in 1980 when I was in my 20’s.
The beautiful green hills & valleys reminded me of Oregon, my childhood homeland in the US. Now I’ve lived in California most of my adult life, raised a family, left a long marriage, retired from a meaningful teaching career.
I’ve always loved writing, and now I’m learning to write and illustrate children’s stories.
It is a joy to allow myself such time to let my creativity flow like never before. It feels a lot like riding a horse that knows where it’s going through the forrest, much like what you described in your recent post of Feb. 2021. Thank you. I want to read more of your posts. You inspire me. Let’s keep riding and writing. ?

Hi Linda, thank you so much for your gorgeous message and kind comments. I’m so glad you have been enjoying my Cornish musings. It keeps me wonderfully distracted during these times for sure. What a journey you seem to be on! And a wonderful heritage too. How exciting to hear where your creativity is now taking you. Inspiring indeed. I wish you luck with it. Yes, let’s keep riding and writing – with the sun on our face and the wind in our hair! Go gently Linda. Warmest thanks, Debbie.

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