Fighting Copyright Infringements

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Article updated on December 16, 2021.

In our Group, Members are encouraged to share authentic and original content that they created themselves. The vision of our Community is one in which Members provide a window to their worlds and to their hearts, which is personal and authentic. Stock photos and unoriginal texts are beautiful too, but in our Group, it’s just not the place to post them.

Our Members, too, have shown concern and care with regards to unoriginal content being shared in the Group. We thank our Community so much for caring and getting involved!

Our Team invests time and effort in doing our job in a way that will give respect to the creations of others. We do our very best to make sure that content shared in the Group by Members will not infringe copyrights. Group rules have been implemented to discourage this kind of content.

For example, if we see a photo awaiting approval on the pending list, that we find to have been published previously online, the post will be declined. When Admin discovers Members who repeatedly violate this rule, we may remove and block the individual from the Group.

If we’ve missed any images or texts suspected to be unoriginal, we invite our Members to use the “Report post to group admins” function, to let us know about it. This is also of great help.

In addition to photos, we are also sensitive to the issues of copyrights regarding recorded music, quotes, and other related subjects.

Through our work of Group Moderation, we invest much time and effort in protecting copyrights. Such respect is required to honor the original creator of the work, as well as being essential for keeping the loving, authentic and personal spirit of our Community.

By Arik Zara

I am Creator, Project Manager and Moderator of "What do you see from your window?". If you would like to learn more about me, here is a post of my life story in my own words, containing some interesting chapters of my life.

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