Father’s Day

When I cleared the clutter of my father’s flat in Scotland (two weeks before Lockdown), I found a sensational seven pairs of spectacles that he had accumulated over many, many years. Not to mention the three he had on hand before he passed away.

The pair that Bear has borrowed were some I bought for Dad for his birthday just before Christmas last year. It was an iconic look for my father. I’ll always remember how dashing he was as I grew up.

His daughters have inherited his passion for frames, as well as his eyesight, unfortunately.

I donated the other nine pairs I discovered back to the optometrist in Aberdeen who promised they would be put to good use in assisting less fortunate sight-sufferers to see better.

So I lined up photos of the Daddy of the Daddy of my Daddy to honor them this Father’s Day. There’s pretty Plumeria and a bit of Bougainvillea we borrowed from down the block to add a splash of color, as well as his watch (he was the consummate time-keeper) and my vibrant view of Cyprus in the background.

Bear and I believe they are all looking down and keeping an eye on us. And we also think that although anyone can be a father, it takes a special someone to be a Dad.

I love you, Daddy.

Love and light

By LayneCain

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