Evaluating Pending Membership Requests

This post is a part of a series of articles which addresses the daily tasks and responsibilities of our Group’s Admin Team. To see all of the posts on Admin responsibilities click here.

In this post, I’d like to draw your attention to another aspect of the work our Admin Team deals with on a daily basis.

We’ve been receiving many messages from our Members asking about their friends and family who are waiting for approval of their pending requests to join our Group. This post is to address the situation, and explain related Admin work regarding these approvals.

As Admin, our tasks are many. One small part of what we take care of is approval of new Group admission requests. We need to review and manually approve every pending request to join our Community from individuals who have joined Facebook in the last three months. Other users are automatically approved.

Due to the incredible number of Members that are already part of our Group, we find that there are many pending requests to join us.

Currently, as the above image shows, there are more than 1,000 people who want to join our Community, that we still need to review.

We thank our Members for inviting their friends and family to our Community. It is so much appreciated! We understand that they are eager to submit posts of their own.

As the requests for Membership are initiated, the Admin Team goes through all the pending applications, reviews them, and weeds out the spammers and scammers to the best of our ability. At this point, we block them before they are able to invade our loving space. But, as you may see occasionally, some of them manage to slip through nonetheless. Thanks to Members’ prompt reporting of these individuals, they don’t last very long on the feed! The rest of the pending requests for Membership are approved most happily.

The process of reviewing pending applications is very time-consuming. We do our very best to take care of them quickly and efficiently, and to ensure that they are welcomed into our Community as quickly as possible.

Approving new members is an element that can quickly become overwhelming, particularly in a Group as big as ours. Screening new Membership requests requires time and legwork from our Moderators.

Currently, Members are automatically approved to join our Group, unless they joined Facebook more than 3 months ago (which is the minimum that the platform allows).

The automatic process takes some pressure off, but there are still a significant amount of applications, which need to be evaluated manually. With our current Admin Team structure and Project budget, the many requests to join the Group that need manual evaluation, are very difficult to process.

Our task here is to manually evaluate pending requests to join the Group. The Moderators have to make a decision, based on the various stats and info provided by Facebook with regard to the relevant profile, whether to approve or decline each of them individually. The goal is to accept legitimate people who wish to join the Group, and to prevent fake profiles and spammers from joining our Community. We do our best to make decisions which will protect you, our Members, and our space.

As mentioned, currently Members are not automatically approved into the Group if they joined Facebook less than 3 months ago, which is the minimum that Facebook’s platform allows. The mentioned period of 3 months is not optimal and it leaves space for many spammers to enter the Group, without screening. If we could extend the period to 6 months or a year, it would make a big difference. Such an extended period would enable us to better maintain levels of control over incoming Members, with the goal of blocking spammers. It would provide us with better assurance that we’re only letting real people in. However, our limited resources in the Admin team, don’t allow us to make this change, thereby enabling many infiltrators.

With the many tasks that we have to take care of in this enormous Project, the important task of evaluating pending Members applications is one of those things that it is difficult for us to get to. Due to staffing and funding limitations, we don’t have a realistic opportunity to take care of this task quickly. In light of the above, many of the friends that our Members invite, are left out of the Group without their application being evaluated. We would like to build an infrastructure for this Group to prevent this from happening.

What do you see from your window?

With love, stay safe ❤️


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