Equine Therapy

This is in RanchoLeonor in Silang, Cavite Philippines. The uncertainty permeating our collective unconscious seems to fade. Even with the foreboding skies peace still reigns in its borders. Last night’s cow like croaking of bullfrogs have given way to birdcalls. The horses seem to glide through a sea of green, their passage marked by the cadence of swishing of overgrown grass being parted and crushed by their massive bodies. The usual sound of hooves making contact with the ground is absorbed by the rain soaked soil. One can get lost in the steady rhythms of these herd animals. There is something so calming about the syncopating moods between the horse and its human that takes you in and captivates. It is a calm kind of love. Must be pure serotonin.

By Mimi Martin

I am an explorer by heart and I delight in the pleasure of little things.

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Hi Christine….
The photos can really draw you in. One curious thing about it is the fact that you see English riding in a tropical setting. There is that little dissonance that draws the interest. A telltale sign of a good story behind. And indeed, there are so many stories.

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