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Yesterday, a new Lockdown began in Portugal. Schools were closed and my sweet 6 year old daughter is at home, again.

A few weeks ago I bought an electric piano, together with a couple of beginner piano books for kids. We are spending so much time at home, and I am doing my best to add stimulation and learning opportunities for both of us.

I didn’t only have my daughter in mind when I bought all this, but I was thinking of myself as well. At my age, I don’t know how to play a musical instrument, but I haven’t lost hope that one day I will!

My mother, who passed away 15 years ago, had the dream of playing piano, which she never fulfilled. When I was a child, my mother brought home a piano for me. I like to think that she had hoped to fulfill her dream through me, but it didn’t happen. I did take piano classes for some months, and I remember even playing at a recital, but it didn’t last. I preferred playing basketball and football with my friends. Now, I remember nothing of what I learned, except for one children’s song.

For the last week my daughter and I have been practicing “Jingle Bells”! Every day when we wake up we practice, and also before we go to sleep. We haven’t missed a day and we are having so much fun together! I am excited about it, and I see that my enthusiasm inspires her to play.

We have both improved during this week and now we play “Jingle Bells” quite well! I enjoy sharing this adventure with her. What a joy!

My mother never met my little girl. Hopefully she sees all that is happening from heaven and enjoys the music.

In the photo: The window of my daughter’s room and our electric piano, in Lisbon, Portugal.

With love, stay safe


By Arik Zara

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