Devon’s Birthday

Birthday Salutations Devon Horton

Its February 27 —
The day I got a gift from Heaven.
It’s Devon’s birthday, yes it’s true.
I’d like to celebrate with you.
She’s turning big Three-Oh today!
But she’s so very far away.

I miss her very much, you see,
She’s the very best part of me.
Her wit, her smile, are like no other…
She makes me proud to be her mother.

She’s smart, hard working, sweet (and wild)
I’m grateful that she is my child.
So beautiful and funny too.
So, wish her well, please — all of you.

Join Bear and Li’l and Ed the Ted
As Happy Birthday now is said
From Cyprus and around the world…
I just adore you, little girl.

We’re having stew for lunch, my dear.
I wish that you were sitting here!
But maybe soon, when time permits
In an airplane you will sit.

Then we will hug, and kiss, and hold.
And now you are three decades old!

#Staysafe my daughter. I can’t say

How much I love you, every day.

See you tomorrow!

Love and light from Cyprus

By LayneCain

Layne Cain uses the Hashtag #laundrywithlayne

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Happy birthday Devon my son also turned 30 recently and my husband and I are celebrating 33 today ? love you Layne

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