Day of Beauty

Our Lockdown in Cyprus is slowly easing up.

We are still obliged to get permission to go anywhere, but (drum roll, please) the nail salons have finally opened!

Now, this may not do much for many of you, but for me — a manicure is magic.

I bit my nails for years, and when I finally stopped, I became quite vain about having varnish on my hands at all times.

So, my one small goal for yesterday was to see my sweet Simona and let her pamper my poor fingers and toes.

It’s been more than four months since the last time I had them “done” and I am delighted. After, as I made my way back to the car, I passed one of the restaurants that is still only catering for takeout service.

The sun was setting and the almost-empty establishment was starting to illuminate.

I shared a photo of this decorative tree a few weeks ago but this was the first time I’d witnessed the wonderful lights all aglow.

So of course, Bear and Li’l (who go with me everywhere, just in case) became part of the boughs.

We are still observing curfew here, so I had to hustle to get home.

But my feet and hands are happy, which makes the rest of me happy, too.#staysafe my friends.

See you tomorrow!
Love and light ????????

* * * * *

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