Darling Dad

My darling Daddy —

It’s February 13 — a year since you left this world and moved on to the next.

Not a day goes by when I am not reminded of the bond we shared when we rekindled our relationship in 2012, after many years of separation.

You were the one who encouraged me to spread my wings and relocate from icy Scotland to sunny Cyprus. (And I remember how, after I’d only been away for a month, you called to ask if I could come back). But I needed to find my place, my destiny, and you understood my desire to be myself, on my own.

I brought your ashes home with me the week before our first Lockdown, so long ago, in March of 2020. I was fortunate enough to scatter you into the Mediterranean, and I watched as you floated through the salty air and descended into the deep. You always loved the water. Swimming was your favorite exercise. So it seemed only fitting that your final resting place would be the sea.

Your tiny urn sits where I can see it at all times. I greet you each morning, and bid you good night before I go to bed.

I’m so blessed that I was able to be with you in Aberdeen for those brief months before you passed. Those memories are precious to me.

This photo is of the window in your room at the care facility in which you stayed for the last three weeks of your 88 years. The window you never looked out of, because you were too weak to leave your bed. And when you did, you fell down. Again and again.

And if I could be grateful for one small thing, it would be that you didn’t have to endure the pain of the Pandemic. Your timing was impeccable.

I know that you are watching over me. That you would be proud of the person I am.

I miss you.

Love and light, Daddy.

Your daughter — Layne

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