Dad’s Duvet

In November 2019, I traveled fro Cyprus to Scotland to sort out my ailing father’s financial affairs, and to begin the process of moving him from “sheltered accommodation” into a “residential care” home. He had fallen down frequently, and could no longer live alone.

The day before Christmas Eve, he ended up in hospital again, where the loving arms of the NHS embraced him for four weeks, while I searched for a suitable space. Enduring a lot of pain in his legs made him most unhappy, and the added angst of cerebrovascular dementia was simply the saddest thing to see, for me.

While he spent that month lying in the hospital, I secured a room in a beautiful place, and my amazing daughter flew over from America to assist me. We hired a van and loaded it up with Dad’s books and bed. Marmalade and Marmite. A thousand pens and pieces of paper. His tv too. We found a little fridge so we could stock it with teeny tiny tins of Coke. Creature comforts for a crotchety codger.

My daughter and I decided to buy some nice new linens to spruce up his sleeping quarters.

He lived in the new home for three weeks. On the rare occasion he would get up out of bed, he found himself falling down. Again. Again. And again. And back to the hospital he was hustled, fractured humerus from his final fall.

I realized that he really ought to be in a higher-care facility, and on February 13, 2020 I revisited his “new home” to cancel his accommodation. On the bus ride back, the hospital called to say that he was gone.

He passed away exactly three months ago today. After his cremation, I packed his pillowcases and duvet cover, and carried them home with me, two weeks before Lockdown began.

I sleep on those sheets, and I washed them this morning then hung them up on the balcony. I took his urn of ashes out as well so he could get some sun, too. He loved the sun. And I loved him.

This is a tribute to my Daddy. He was a remarkable man. I miss him much.

Layne Cain uses the Hashtag #laundrywithlayne

By LayneCain

Layne Cain uses the Hashtag #laundrywithlayne

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That’s beautiful Layne! I also loved my Daddy, who passed 8 years ago. I have his blanket and his mug lives at my daughters house. I use it whenever I visit her! Be safe from Brisbane Australia ?? ??

Hi Francesca … I’m so backwards with technology, so I just discovered how to respond to comments on my blog. Thank you for your lovely message. I also have my Dad’s tin cup. I bought it for him but he didn’t like the way it felt on his lips when he used it. So it sat. And when I cleaned out his flat, I took it as my own. Love and light ❤️

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