Coming Home

Exactly a year ago today, I bade farewell to my beautiful daughter, who had come to help me while I finished taking care of the last of my Dad’s belongings after his funeral in Aberdeen, Scotland.

She’d come once in January, just for a holiday, then she returned home to Maryland.

We had received confirmation of Dad’s acceptance into a next-level care facility, and we booked a ticket for her to come back (again) to move his furniture into the new place the very next week.

Once he had settled in, he fell, and ended up in the hospital where he passed away.

Devon came back one final time. My sister also flew, all the way from South Africa, and among us, we got 70 years of Dad’s debris cleared out.

A Herculean feat, finalized the day before my baby’s birthday.

And a memory of female bonding between the three of us, for which I shall forever be grateful.

So tonight, I’m filled with nostalgia. Exactly a year ago, I hugged my child for the last time.

And I haven’t held her since.

Love and light from Cyprus

By LayneCain

Layne Cain uses the Hashtag #laundrywithlayne

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Sweet Layne: what a heartache and I can only hug you from Israel – a little way across the Mediterranean. Three of our four children live in North America and I was to have met up with my sister (she from Toronto) a year ago exactly, in Spain. And so we each bear our little bit of sorrow, all the while embracing life and health and our world of wonders. Wishing all much love across the expanse.

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