Coco’s Tail

We learned today after an hour-long vet appointment that Coco’s tail must be amputated.

She will go in Tuesday morning for the surgery. We are resigned.

It’s been hard not meeting with the doctors in person; they are so patient and compassionate over the phone. They send out their vet techs who all fall all over my girl with adoration.

Your lovely words, posts, pictures, prayers have lifted me up and I am grateful. In a few days, we’ll have another challenge but it’s a process to get her well. I understand that the recovery from a tail amputation is fairly quick and I’m happy to tell you that both her legs are healing up just fine.

To Coco: in the bottom right of the doorway in Boston, Massachusetts, USA ❤

By Lee Sweeney Hume

Lee Sweeney Hume, a retired writer, mid-life, found her calling through volunteering. She regularly donates blood and volunteers with: a dog rescue organization, two libraries, writing and editing, advocating for gay and human rights, and entertaining her grandnieces with cookie-baking days.

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