City Sunrise

City Sunrise: It keeps pace with the speed of this city. It flares up between my towering neighborhood skyscrapers and then is like, “Ok, gotta go and visit the rest of the world. Catch you tomorrow?”

If I step in to grab my cup of coffee, I will miss it. And I would just have to ooh and ahh over it in all of your stunning sunrises posted in our little group here.

But I didn’t miss this crisscross of pink today as I am up early for a 6am prayer meeting online with some friends in WeChat. I’m sleepy but grateful to pray and catch a glimpse of a few brushstrokes that I know must be extending far across that sky up there somewhere. Just because I can’t see all of the beauty and glory from where I stand on my balcony doesn’t mean it isn’t there. I have faith. And I know that blaze of glory will soon be hitting all of you.

From the coast of Southern China to my friends in the rest of the world: It’s a new day.

“From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised.”
Psalms 113:3 NIV

With love from Shenzhen, China.
Shalom, Heidi

By Heidi Olson

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What a wonderful attitude! I am learning to form a new life, after the death of my wonderful husband of 3-1/2 years from COVID two months ago. The struggle to find purpose is real, but one that I must overcome.

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