Almost every 21st of February, no matter where I’ve lived, it’s either rained or snowed.

But not today.

It was slightly overcast, but nonetheless worthy of a quick trip to the beach with Bear, Li’l and Ed the Ted.

We also took my Dad to the sea, as today, a year ago, I collected his tiny urn of ashes in Aberdeen to bring them home with me.

So it’s a bittersweet birthday, but we all sat in silence and watched the waves, and I felt a profound sense of gratitude and love.

To all of you, my Window-friends, I send my thanks for your good wishes.

And I promise, there will be no more mention of my birthday for at least another year.

See you tomorrow!

Love and light from Cyprus

By LayneCain

Layne Cain uses the Hashtag #laundrywithlayne

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