Birthday Window

Has anyone else ever wished a WINDOW a Happy 1st Birthday?? I believe this may be my first time ever having such a weird thought. I don’t eat cake and I don’t drink so it’s not that I need any excuse for a party. It’s that I feel such a sense of thanks to this extraordinary little outlet that I’ve been excitedly and repeatedly hanging my head out of since I first moved to this tiny village in Cornwall exactly a year ago today…

Ever since that first click as the window opened and I quite literally let out a squealing sound of childish delight that echoed across that expansive river vista – even disturbing birds into flight. Whatever would the neighbours think of me, thought I. But I wanted to pinch myself I felt so lucky to have found this place. And I’ve felt the same way every day since.

Little did I know what was about to happen from that first moment onwards. Everything in every area of my life has since changed during that time – in ways I could never have predicted. As for so many of us.

Yet, this window clicking comfort has been my mainstay throughout, holding me in flow with the water and all that surrounds me. A year of forever strengthening my connection to that community of the sky and river and all the humbling beauty that is nature. That power of now.

And, of course, that birthday window has also led me to this wonderful world of fellow window gazers. Every element of kindness that’s come through this group has been as deeply heartening and awe inspiring as the daily fly pasts of the geese seen here in recent weeks. Those Canada geese who stick together in such fabulous formation – chattering away in the solace, survival and belonging that community brings.

So, yes, indeed…Happy 1st Birthday you marvellously magical window. And I shall simply celebrate by continuing to look out your perfect little portal to paradise for, hopefully, many grateful years to come ?

By LayneCain

Layne Cain uses the Hashtag #laundrywithlayne

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